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Our History


In Phuket, Thailand

The David O. Kingston Foundation has been involved in the lives of children since the Asian Tsunami in December 2004. Within weeks of the disaster, our Foundation was on the ground in Phuket, Thailand helping to rebuild the community.

  • We funded the reconstruction of an elementary school that was 90% damaged by the tsunami.
  • We helped with the construction for 10 fisherman's houses, also damaged by the disaster.
  • We provided direct contributions of food and basic supplies to children, who lost parents and caregivers in the tsunami's torrent.

In Sri Lanka

Within 4 months of the tsunami, we were also in Sri Lanka, which was also devastated by the disaster. Our Foundation assisted 2 orphanages by providing food and supplies and implementing an art program as a new curriculum, which provided "at risk" children with the opportunity to express themselves through the visual arts.


Our Foundation continues to provide assistance to individuals, groups, and communities, such as the following:

  • Continuous funding for scholarship programs
  • Help abused single mothers
  • Provide Assistance for food, shelter, transportation and healthcare to those who need it
  • We have contributed to various other groups that are 501C3's, which help our community against drug addiction, raise money for medical help, help children and families in tough situations
  • We have donated and volunteered to help build a home under Habitat of Humanity
  • We have donated to the yearly summer festival towards booths that inspire children's learning in the arts.
  • We are dedicated to helping children, in school or otherwise, to aspire and be motivated to set a path for a bright future
  • We have donated to The Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA), a national organization dedicated to the pursuit of scientific research leading to treatments and a cure for Friedreich's ataxia
  • We have donated to Safari Club International Foundation, which funds and directs worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation and outdoor education
  • We have provided emergency funding to families for funerals, or for paying home mortgage payments to avoid losing their homes
  • Other groups and foundations that we have contributed to:

    • CAMP Magical
    • Help INC
    • Make a Wish Foundation
    • Cancer Institute
    • Joe Foss Foundation
    • Sickle Cell Foundation
    • SCI Foundation
    • Family Care Foundation
    • Holy Rosaria
    • Flint Water Project

Case Studies

Boramey's Story

My name is Boramey. I am an Archaeological graduate student from the Royal University of Fine Arts, (RUFA), a university in Phnom Penh built in 1918. The school was closed by the Kmer Rouge from 1975 to 1980.

I am honored to be allowed by The DOK Foundation to express my feelings on this website. Seeing Cambodian children, who have suffered abuse, find joy in the classes offered by the Non-Profit Foundation, is a dream come true.

The DOK Foundation helped me personally with grants and scholarships as I studied English at The Pannasatra University. Because of their help along with the support of family, teachers, friends, and peers, my goals for learning English and the opportunities it can unlock have opened before me.

I was able to participate in an Archaeological project in the Eastern area of Cambodia with a Japanese group from Nanan. The English technical skills I acquired from the university enabled me to communicate and collaborate well with the group. By the time I graduated from the Faculty of Archaeology at RUFA, I was granted a UNESCO Funded Fellowship to attend a short course of Petrography at Kanazawa University, Japan in November of 2006!

Ford Motor Company granted me partial funding for an archaeological research and site survey at Badeum Site, Steung Treng Province. I led my first solo research as the project director. Eventually, lack of funds halted the work. Fortunately, The Souls Foundation stepped in and matched contributions allowing us to complete the project.

As a result of my language skills, I am also able to participate in the Sre Ampil Archaeological Conservation Project.

I have found that my education has been like a tree; planted and given much tending and nurturing by people like Mr. David Kingston, and others within the DOK Foundation. Now I grow solidly upward, strong and capable; bearing fruit by contributing to important work.

For those who have been or are in the DOK Foundation programs now, I encourage you to keep striving to learn. Education is the door that will provide the opportunity to earn a good living and, also, to fulfill your dreams and ambitions in life. Education is the basic necessity to compete and keep up with the modern world by developing a love of learning, participating and contributing to change in the world. Those who change themselves, then look outward to help others, will be influential in helping build a stronger, safer Cambodia.

We need the education to compete with the modern world. We also need a love of learning so that we can continue to change with the world, and not be left behind.