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Global Awareness Initiatives

To be a part of the global community, it is imperative for children to understand the impacts their lives have on others around them and across the globe. At Global Souls, our core mission is to help children become strong and productive members of the world society and with this goal in mind, we teach and lead children by example of what it means to be a member of the global community. Our teachers and all of our staff members show children compassion, love and provide a firm foundation for these same children to stand on and build their lives into magnificent works that will have a lasting impact in society throughout their lives.


Global Souls Initiative to Bring Back Exploited Girls

Educational and Learning Support

Global Souls is dedicated to providing children and groups in the areas of our work to make them aware of the profound impact compassion has on the lives of others throughout the global community. As part of this educational and learning support service, we help “at risk” children by providing healing and comfort to them as we did recently in the life of Malala.